Wesak Celebrations 2017 at Parama Dhamma Wesak Zone

This year the Wesak Festival at Parama Dhamma Chetiya Piriven Vihara is to be celebrated in a special manner by having a Wesak zone  covering the area around the temple with the name “Parama Dhamma Wesak Zone”. It is known, Buddhists all over the world celebrate the Wesak festival, to commemorate  Lord Buddha’s Birth, attaining   Enlightenment and passing away which took place on  full moon Poya day in the month of May.     

On the advice of our  Chief Incumbent Rev.Dr Maitipe Wimalasara Nayaka Thera, the Wesak festival will be celebrated with a Wesak zone centering the temple on the 10th,11th and 12th  May from evening to midnight. The devotees who visit this Wesak zone will be able to see a digital Pandol, very attractive and colorful Wesak lanterns, decorations and also to watch Buddhist films and a Bhakthi gee program is also being organised. A cultural show named “Daha ata Sanniya” also will be performed by a group of skilled artists on all three days.

During the Wesak Day, over 750 devotees are expected to observe Sil and the Temple committee is making arrangements to provide all the necessary facilities including alms for them. As in the previous years a special Dhamma Sermon programs are arranged during the week ahead of Wesak poya for the benefit of devotees. These Dhamma sermons will be delivered by erudite prelates in the island invited by the organizers and will commence at 7pm daily after the evening Buddha pooja.

On Sunday the 7th May, a special Sil programme has been arranged for the youths and children of the area  as a part of Wesak celebrations of the temple. A  large number of participants are expected for same and facilities will be provided to them by the Dayaka/Daika organization s affiliated to the temple. Organizers of the Parama Dhamma Wesak zone expect this year’s Wesak celebrations to be a great occasion and a memorable event for the area with a new experience for the devotees who visit same. On all three days Dan-Sal will be organized near the temple to serve food/drinks to visiting public.