Religious Services

Poyaday Program

Every Full Moon Poya day Observing sil, Meditation programs, Sermons and ceremonies are conducted/organized by Temple Committee (Dayaka Sabha) for devotees gathering to the temple. Devotees who wish to observe sil and follow the other religious programs could do so as all the facilities are made available for their convenience.

Temple Stupa
Temple Stupa


Meditation Program

Every 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month, a meditation program is being held at the meditation center. The program starts at 1.30pm and ends at 5.00pm.


Annual Pirith Chanting

Annual Pirith Chanting Ceremony is held during the last weekend before the Sinhalese New Year festival. All night pirith chanting followed by an alms giving to Mahasangha is organized by Dayaka Sabha to evoke blessings of the Triple Gem to devotees of the temple and the people of the area.


Founder’s Day

Founder’s day of Parama Dhamma Chetiya falls on 7th January of every year. An alms giving to Mahasangha including prelates from affiliated temples around the area is arranged to commemorate this event.

Vesak Poya Day Program

On Vesak Poya day, in memory of Prince Siddhartha’s Birth, attaining to Supreme enlightenment and Passing away a line of activities including observing sil, Poojas (offerings) to Lord Buddha, Dhamma sermons and Meditation programs are held with the participation of a large number of devotees. In the evening, lighting of lanterns made by students of Dhamma School is done as a pooja to Lord Buddha with the participation of students. Vesak celebrations commence one week ahead having evening poojas for Lord Buddha followed by a Dhamma Sermons conducted by erudite¬†Buddhist prelates invited to the temple.

Novice Monks
Novice Monks


 Katina Cheewara(Robe) Pooja

Katina cheewara (robe) pooja ceremony is held in a grand scale every year after completion of rainy retreat period of monks in the temple with a participation of large number of devotees. Within these three month, daily evening pooja for Lord Buddha, Weekly Bodhi pooja and Dhamma sermons are also held.

Other Meritorious Events

Special lectures.sermons on Buddhism and meditation programs by Buddhist intellectuals who posses expertise knowledge are arranged regularly for the benefit of devotees attached to the temple. A meditation centre is available in a quiet environment separated from other buildings for those who want to practice in meditation.