Propagation of Buddhism in Foreign Lands

Following are some distinguished Buddhist prelates emerged from Parama Dhamma Chetiya Pirivena who are, either at present or in the past, devotedly involved in propagation of Buddhism in different parts of the world


Ven. Thalgaswewe Seelananda Thera


Ven. Thalgaswewe Seelananda Thera
Ven. Thalgaswewe Seelananda Thera


Ven. Talgaswewe Seelananda Thera, a bright student of Parama Dhamma Chetiya Pirivena completed his special degree in Buddhist Philosophy at the University of Kelaniya. He became a teacher of Pirivena and continued his studies and obtained his M.A and M.Phil as well. He started his career as a teacher in 1989 and continued until 2000 .In the year 2002 on an invitation from a group of devotees in the USA he went to New York. After completion of 4 years of service there he started a Meditation Centre in Edmonton, Canada in the name ‘Samatha-Vipassana Meditation Centre’. After rendering a great service there too as the Abbot for four years he decided to return home, Sri Lanka, to practice meditation further and deeper in a forest. On the wayback, he was offered another responsibility in the USA. Currently Ven. Seelananda Thera resides as the Vice Abbot and Vice President of ‘The Bhavana Society Forest Meditation Centre’ in West Virginia, USA. As an old student and a teacher of Parama Dhamma Cetiya Pirivena Ven. Seelananda renders a yeoman service for the propagation of the word of the Buddha Dhamma, to the world commuunity while practicing the Dhamma in daily life.”

  • After a retreat in TX
  • Bhavana Society WV
  • Butterfly Center SD
  • Butterfly Center SD
  • Prison Program
  • Prison Program
  • South Dakota
  • Walking Meditation in Prison
  • Youth retreat

Ven. Maitipe Wimalasara Maha Thera

Ven. Maitipe Wimalasara Thera
Ven. Maitipe Wimalasara Thera

Ven. Maitipe Wimalasara Maha Thera  received his basic education at Mahinda College,Galle and ordained under the aegis of his preceptor and teacher Ven.Dr Mapalagama Vipulasara Maha Thera. After receiving his Pirivena education at Viddyarathana  pirivena , Horana  he started teaching at Sri Siddhartha  Dhamma School at Parama Dhamma Chetiya and entered higher ordination in 1981.  He became the Principal of the Dhamma school and at this time he proceeded to Calcutta for higher studies. He received his Bachelor’s Degree  in 1990 from Benares Hindu University in Varanasi majoring in Pali and Buddhist studies. He completed his Master’s in 1993.

Ven.Wimalasara  Thera joined the Mahabodhi Society of India in 1986 and served as a resident monk at headquarters in Calcutta. He was involved in conducting religious programs  to the  community, acting as a facilitator for pilgrims and carrying out missionary duties at other Buddhist temples in India. In 1991 he was a member in Publication committee of the Society and helped to organize Centenary celebrations. Later he was promoted to Asst. General Secretary of the Society.

From 1993 to 1994, Ven. Wimalasara Thera served as a senior resident monk at Singapore Buddhist Mission. On his return he took over as Assistant In-Charge of Buddha Gaya Centre of Maha Bodhi Society and eventually promoted as Chief Monk , serving 10 years in that position. He was also the Chief editor of “Sambodhi” academic journal published by  the Society. During this period, as a missionary monk, he carried out many religious and social work at Bihar State including founding schools for public education, dispensaries, ambulance services, social  awareness and environmental programs, inter religious events and the ordination and training of young Indian Buddhist monks. He also organized national and international seminars and lectures featuring Buddhist scholars from various countries.

In 2004 Ven.Wimalasara Thera   visited USA on an invitation from most Ven. Aggamaha pandita Dr Walpola Piyananda Nayaka Thera, the Abbot of Dharma Vijaya Buddhist Vihara in Los Angeles.  He has been a resident monk at Dharma Vijaya Vihara since then and has conducted numerous religious and education programs and travelled throughout US and Canada propagating   Dhamma. In 2004 in conjunction with Dharma Vijaya he actively engaged in raising relief funds for Sri Lankan tsunami  victims. In 2006 he assisted in founding of the Kansas Buddhist Vihara in Wichita, and visits annually to conduct Meditation and Dhamma programs there. He is called upon to deliver sermons, lead Buddhist events at Viharas and communities in various parts of North America including Oregon, Minnesota, Texas, Florida, Arizona, Indiana, Illinois, Vancouver, Calgary, Seattle, Nevada, North Carolina, Missouri, Iowa, North and South Dakota, Colorado, New York and Washington D.C. He has also been a guest speaker at all of the Sri Lankan Buddhist temples in California. Since 2011 he has served as unofficial Buddhist Chaplain at the University of Southern California(USC) and the University of California at Los Angeles(UCLA) where he continues to conduct Dhamma and meditation classes.

Ven. Wimalasara Thera participates in Dhammadutha programs by often traveling to Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore , Taiwan, Thailand, India , Nepal, South Korea, Indonesia, Japan and the United Kingdom. In 2013 he was elected as a member of the Research and Development Committee of the ninth Executive Committee of the World Buddhist Sangha Council headquartered in Taiwan. He was also appointed as a member of the Executive Committee of the Sri Kalyani Samagri Dhamma Maha Sangha Sabha in Sri Lanka. One of his current projects is propagation of Buddhism in India by ordination and training Indian monks at Bodh Gaya. Some of these novice monks are currently studying at Parama Dhamma Chetiya Pirivena.

Email of Rev.Wimalasara Maha Thera:

Rev.Halwitigala Assaji Thera & Rev. Pimbure Samitha Thera

Rev.Halwitigala Assaji Thera and Rev.Pimbure Samitha Thera who are presently residing at  Japan-Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara at Kusinara for propagation of Buddha Dhamma were students from Parama Dhamma Chetiya Pirivena.

Rev.Halwitigala Assaji Thera entered ordination having Rev.Neluwe Gunananda Maha Thera as preceptor and teacher. As a novice monk Assaji Thera came to Parama Dhamma Chetiya Pirivena to continue on studies. He entered higher ordination having Ven.Dr. Mapalagama Wipulasara Thera as teacher. In 1976 he was sent to Calcutta and Varanasi for Dhammaduta work under Mahabodhi Society of India. Later in the year 1996 Rev.Assaji Thera was appointed as Chief Incumbent of Japan-Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara at Kusinara.

Rev.Pimbure Samitha Thera entered ordination at the age of 11 years having  Rev.Pimbure Gnanaloka Anu Nayaka Thera as preceptor and teacher at Dharmaraja Yogashrama, Pimbura. Samitha Thera came to Parama Dhamma Chetiya Pirivena in 1982 and studied there until 1987. Then he was sent to India for higher education and Dhamma dutha work. First he completed education at Saranath for 2 years and then at Calcutta for 6 months. Then he was sent to Orissa and Laknow  for 6 months at each place for education and Dhamma Dutha work under Mahabodhi Society of India. He received higher ordination from Rev. Dr Mapalagama Wipulasara Thera and assigned to Japan Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara at Kusinara for Dhamma propagation work in 1990.

There,  Rev.Halwitigala Assaji Thera and Rev.Pimbure Samitha Thera are involved in  Dhamma dutha work by serving pilgrims coming to Kusinara as facilitators and  conducting religious programs as required. They conduct daily Thewa pooja at Vihara for Lord Buddha and visiting sacred places with pilgrim groups for proper guidance. Among other services by them, following also included.

  • Organizing a Homeopathic Medical clinic for public
  • Projects of houses for poor
  • Helping near by schools to build class room
  • Providing scholarships for needy students
  • Providing accommodation at Vihara premises for pilgrims from far.


Rev. Halwitigala Assaji Thera was appointed as Chief Incumbent of Bharatha representing Sri Kalyani Samagri Dhamma Maha Sanghasabha.  The Japan Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara was established under the patronage of Ven.Dr. Mapalagama Wipulasara Thera with grants from Japanese Buddhist devotees.

Rev.Halwitigala Assaji Thera; phone 09415312564 (Kusinara)

Rev.Pimbure Soratha Thera ; phone 09839466924(Kusinara)