Buddhist “Pirivena” Education

Novice monks while learning
Novice monks while learning


Parama Dhamma Chetiya Pirivena which was the leading and foremost centre for learning and propagation of Buddhism in Sri Lanka in the 19th century, is continuing it’s great service even today. Classes for novice monks and students are held daily at Pirivena school for them to be virtuous intellectuals in Buddhism who then will be able to propagate noblest teachings of Lord Buddha to the world. It has an academic staff of 14 qualified teachers and total number of over 100 students mostly novice monks. Whilst subjects for standard Pirivena Education system are taught here, additionally classes for Pracheena Bhasha(Oriental Language studies) conducted for students to get qualified in exams up to final level(Pandit Degree).Pirivena has a reference library to cover all these academic requirements.

A prize giving is held annually to value the talents of the students who have done well in exams. World Teacher’s Day, World Children’s Day and Language Days are held with related programs. Many Buddhist priests who have passed out from Pirivena are engaged in immense service of propagating Buddhism at different parts of the world.

At present, administration and academic work of Pirivena is under Principal Rev. Karamban Kulame Siri Dhamma Thera and Deputy Principal Rev. Rattanadeniye Vajirasara Thera with the overall supervision of Chief Incumbent/Director Rev. Dr. Maitipe Wimalasara Thera.


Dhamma School Education


Dhamma School for young school children in the area is held in Sinhala as well as in English medium. Classes are held weekly, on Sundays. Education at Daham school will help to bring up children with Buddhist traditions and values from their very early stages. The total strength of the students attending to the Dhamma school is about 300 with 20 teachers. Classes are held from Grade 1 to Dharmacharya level.

Annual prize giving, Bhakthi Gee program, An Educational tour and Teacher’s felicitation day is held for the benefit of the students.