Parama Dhamma Chetiya Kathina Pinkama 2016

Kathina Pinkama of Parama Dhamma Chetiya was held with a series of meritorious events this year, under the guidance and advise of Chief Incumbent Rev.Dr.Maitipe Wimalasara Nayaka Thera with participation of a large number of devotees. The chief benefactor of this once a year great pinkama was Mr Pulasti Jayasinghe and Mrs Shamila Jayasinghe.

The first event was the “Kapruk Pooja” to the Chaithya which was fully renovated with the sponsoring of Mr and Mrs Jayasinghe. On 28th evening, the “Kanchuka” which was stitched and prepared in a very attractive manner by the  family members of Mr Jayasinghe , was brought to the temple by a procession and offered to Chaitya with a Gilanpasa Pooja. The event was organised by Rev Werahera Nagitha Thera with the support of Dayaka Dayika of the temple. The Kapruk Pooja was conducted by Rev. Malwane Vijithadhamma Thera of the temple.

On 29th evening the traditional procession carrying Kathina Wasthra left the residence of Mr and Mrs Pulasthi Jayasinghe at Templers Road. A large crowd including students of Sri Siddhartha Dhamma school joined this event. The procession  carrying  Kathina wasthra  respectfully went  through the streets of the area and  returned to Mr Jayasinghe’s house. On 30th early morning the Kathina wasthra was brought to the temple by main benefactor with  family members and offered to Maha Sangha to convert to a Kathina Cheewara. At the same time they offered cheewara to all the  Maha Sangha who underwent “Wassana “ at Pirivena.  

After the Heel Dana in the morning , two samanera bhikkus were ordained under the instructions and guidance of  Chief Incumbent Rev.Dr Maitipe Wimalasara Nayaka Thera. For this great occasion Mahanayaka Thera of Sri Kayani Samagri Dharma Maha Sangha Sabha  Rev.Pimbure  Uditha Mahanyaka Thera was present.  On completion of the ordinance the alms giving to Maha Sangha, which was organized by Temple committee and Sri Sudharma Kantha Samithiya took place.   Apart from Rev.Pimbure Uditha Mahanayaka Thera, Rev. Diviyagaha Yasassi Nayaka Thera, Rev. Hewesse Nanadarama Nayaka Thera  and Nakiyadeniye Premarathana Nayaka Thera    were also present among the invited priests. The offering of Kathina Cheewara to Maha Sangha took place first, which was  followed by alms giving with pirikara Pooja.  Maha Sangha of about 60 priests were present for this occasion.  

The traditional Kathina Dhamma sermon was held in the evening after the Gilanpasa Pooja . This year, Kathina Dhamma sermon was delivered by Mahanayaka of Kotte Sri Kalyani Dharma Maha Sangha Sabha Rev. Ittapane Dhammalankara Mahanayaka Thera  who was invited by Chief Incumbent and the  organizers .  After the Kathina sermon, transferring of Merits to all who participated in every manner for this  once a year great Pinkama  took place. At the end food was served to all devotees who were present, by Mr and Mrs Jayasinghe.