Inauguration of renovated historical Sangharama

As per the advise and guidance of Chief Incumbent Rev.Dr. MaitipeWimalasaraNayaka Thera, inauguration Ceremony of fully renovated Avasa residence of Mahasangha at ParamaDhammaChetiyaVihara, founded by  Most Rev. Walane Sri SidharthaMaha Thera, which has a history of over 175 years, isscheduled to be heldon Friday 06th October 2017 at 6:00p.m.

This Great occasion will be attended by Mahanayaka Thera of Sri KalyaniSamagiri Dharma Mahasanghasabha Rev. PimbureUditha Thera and other distinguished Mahasangha and Special Guests.

The tremendous task ofrenovation work of the historical building was initiated, closely monitored and devoted to complete by our Chief Incumbent Rev Dr.MaitipeWimalasaraNayaka Thera with the support and assistance extended by the Department of Archaeology in order to retain its historical value.

At the end of the inauguration meeting which is to be presided by Mahanayaka Thera,the first Gilanpasa to Mahasangha will be offered at the renovated Sangharama building. Thereafter Mahasangha will chant Seth Pirithto mark the inauguration ceremony and to bless all attendees of this great occasion.

Chief Incumbent Rev.WimalasaraNayaka Thera with organizations of Vihara cordially inviteall Dayaka/Dayikaand well-wishers to attend this important meritorious ceremony and obtain blessings of the Triple Gem.